Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This Time

The opportunity has arrived
For you
To re-do your life:

Choose from a list
Of assets you don't possess;
In your case, friendliness,
Or, might we say, sociability.
And now for a crocodilian skin,
An impervious skin that slings and arrows glance off
As innocuous as bubbles.
No outrageous fortune for you
This time around.

This time around
You'll keep a tight rein
On all your emotions, your actions
 Planned in advance
Your words leached and strained through a filter;
You'll marry a billionaire;
Your children will be raised
By no-nonsense British nannies;
And if they turn out wrong (the children that is)
Well, it's really not your fault.

This time around
You'll be able to resist
Temptations in the form of sugary foods,
Or mind-altering substances.
You will learn to swan dive, ski and sail,
Skate gracefully over ice, and shuffle cards;
Even converse with ease in the presence of strangers.
Your frequent dreams of flight,
Of leaping, arms outstretched from some high cliff or hilltop
Will no longer be wistful or wasteful.

This time around
Your life will really take off.


  1. Ah, the power of daydreaming, of ifs, buts and maybes. Loved this piece and the illustrations were pretty too.

    1. Thanks. Can't say whether it contains more truth than humor, but definitely some of both.

  2. very cool. nice way to express a do over.

  3. Thanks. I wrote it in a sardonic mood but ended up laughing. Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. I love the sarcasm in this. Terrific!

    1. Thanks! Writing stuff like this helps me not to take myself too seriously.

  5. I love the what if's and the sarcasm wasn't lost on me! Brilliant!